Police officers in Český Těšín organised a day for cyclists

Čt 15. 08. 2013

The City of Český Těšín and it´s Municipal Police Force joined the project „Na kole jen s přilbou“. This project aims to increase the safety of cyclist in the Czech Republic.

On Saturday, August 10th, visitors of Český Těšín had the opportunity to meet Police officers of the Municipal Police in Český Těšín directly at the cycle paths in the city. The Policemen handed out reflective materials and cycle-maps. „The purpose of this day was not to persecute these parents, who have not equipped their children with a bicycle helmet. On the contrary, we wanted to talk to them about the importance of head protection. We gave them helpful tips on how to choose a helmet and how to correctly use it, we explained, what the obligatory bicycle equipment is and why they should have it and also why it is important to be seen during bad visibility conditions,“ says officer and manager of criminality prevention Petr Glaic.

„We are very glad, that many companies from the private sector and authorities on road safety have joined our project. This increases our chances to positively affect the national cyclists-accident-rate. This year, we have planned 50 days across the whole Czech Republic, during which we will communicate with cyclists about their safety and give them a chance to win interesting prizes. The City of Český Těšín and the officers of it´s Municipal Police Force became partners of our project and organized an additional day for cyclists in their city, for that, I would like to thank them very much.,“ says the director of the public benefit organisation Bezpečně na silnicích Mr Jan Polák.