Out of 7 Czech mountain regions we have already visited 5

Po 22. 07. 2013

From July 19th until July 21st 2013 our cycle-patrols visited the Ore Mountains. On Friday afternoon and during the whole weekend they were cycling in and around Boží dar and they even got to the top of the highest mountain of the region - Klínovec.

Out of the 7 Czech mountain regions, this was the fifth we have visited and the two left to visit are the Bohemian Forest and the Eagle Mountains. After that we will visit each region one more time.

This Thursday July 25th we will also visit the town of Pardubice. Our cycle-patrols will be patrolling on the city´s cycle paths and you will have the chance to win interesting prices and chat with them about bicycle safety, visibility, first-aid-provision and other topics from the area of road safety.

On Friday our cycle-patrols will head for the Eagle Mountains, where they will be patrolling until Sunday July 28th.