"Na kole jen s přilbou" in the Giant Mountains

Po 15. 07. 2013

From Friday July 12th until Sunday July 14th the project "Na kole jen s přilbou" continued in the Giant Mountains.

Together with a member of the Czech Mountain Rescue Service our cycle-patrols visited Benecko, Rovinka, Šeřín, Horní Mísečky, Rezek and Dvoračky. This Summer we will visit the Giant Mountains one more time during the last weekend in August.

Next weekend our cycle-patrols will visit the Ore Mountains and you will meet them at and around Boží dar, and if the weather allows it, also at the top of the highest peak - Klínovec. The last weekend in July we will travel to the Eagle Mountains and on Thursday July 25th we will spend the whole day in the city of Pardubice.