"Na kole jen s přilbou" in the Jizera Mountains

Po 08. 07. 2013

From Friday July 5th to Sunday July 7th our team was communicating with cyclists in the Jizera Mountains.

The weather was perfect. Our Team and one member of the Czech Mountain Rescue Service visited Bedřichov, Královka, Prezidentská chata, Nová Louka, Hrabětice, Josefův Důl dam, Hřebínek and Jizerka.

Every cyclist, who took the time to chat with our team was given a cycle-map of the Jizera and Giant Mountains, a reflective item, and received useful information about the correct movement in the mountain region, the obligatory bycicle equipment and the importance and correct use of bycicle helmets.www.nakolejensprilbou.cz.

This summer we will visit the Jizera Mountains one more time from Friday August 23rd to Sunday August 25th.

Next weekend we will visit the Giant Mountains!